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Crown Block

Features of KOSUN Crown Block

1. Stringing is clockwisely done.

2. The crown block frame is made of highly intense materials and steel plate, equipped with top drive installing lug and metal support plate, rectangle pipe guardrail and foot retainer as well as with stair opening.

3. Working pulley group is placed bevelled, which offsets the twist of travelling block and makes the lateral plate face the derrick man. It is convenient to roll off elevator.

4. It has an bias fast line pulley.

5. Pulley groove is medium-frequency quenched to improve the surface hardness in order to prolong the service life.

6. All the pulleys are equipped with double cone roller bearing, each with independent lube pipe.

7. The rope guard prevents the wire rope from running out of the sheave grooves.

8. It is equipped with wooden bumper blocks and retainer net.

Crown Block for Sale by Kosun

9. It is equipped with a frame crane for use when repairing the sheave groups.

10. It is equipped with sand line sheaves and auxiliary sheaves.

11. The sheaves and bearings are interchangeable with those of matching travelling block.

12. The crown blocks conforms to API specification 4F and API monogram is permitted to be used.

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