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Features of KOSUN Drawworks

1. Highly precise, strong transmission chain, forced lubrication.

2. Drawworks adopt roller bearings from head to toe. The shafts adopt superior alloy steel.

3. The drums are grooved and the high speed and low speed ends of the drum shaft are equipped with ventilated type air tube clutches. Brake wheel rim ( or brake disc ) adopts forced cycling water cooled, and its surface is medium frequency quenched which makes it enjoy a better anti-fraction performance and longer service life.

4. The contours of the sprocket teeth are medium frequency induction hardened. All transmission clutches are of involute spline type.

Drawworks for sale by Kosun

5.The main brake adopts belt type or disk type, the auxiliary brake is equipped with electromagnetic eddy current brake ( water–cooled or wind -cooled ).

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