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Mechanical Drive Rig

Features of KOSUN Mechanical Drive Rig

1. There are various drive modes, which include "diesel engine+torque converter or coupling transmission+chain compound", "diesel engine+transmission+ v-belt compound", "diesel engine+transmission+cardan shaft", or "diesel engine+transmission+gear compound ”, available.

2. Both inner and outer speed change is optional for drawworks. Speed change of drawworks is easy and fast by remote pneumatic operation. Main brake is either band brake or hydraulic disc. Electric magnetic eddy brake is for auxiliary brake.

3. For drilling rigs over 4000 meters in drilling depth, rig floor is in two levels. Power and transmission system are installed on the rear low level and the rig power is transmitted to drive rotary table and catworks located on drill floor through bevel gear reducer and universal shaft.

Mechanical Drive Rig for Sale by Kosun

4. Module design for easy assembly and disassembly.

5. Sand reel, mechanical friction cathead and rotary drive device are provided.

6. Independent motor automatic drilling system may be offered.

7. A separate driller console is fitted. Operations for air, electric and hydraulic, drilling data and parameters are all in the cabin. Logic control, supervision and maintenance during complete drilling operations are available by PLC processes. The drilling data can be stored, printed and remote transmitted. All operations by driller can be completed in the console for better working conditions and less working strength.

8. Top drive drilling system can be installed.

9. Integrated skid rail may be provided to meet requirements for cluster well drilling.

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