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Mud Pump

Features of KOSUN Mud Pump

1. F Serial Mud Pump has a longer stroke, which makes it able to be used under lower punching number to prolong the service life of wearing parts in fluid end.

2. The combination lubricating method of forced lubrication and spray lubrication ensures the more effective lubrication.

3. The durable and compact F Serial Mud Pump with advanced structure improves pump’s stable operation. It can meet the special demands of customers in middle & deep drilling works.

4. It’s small and durable. The injection valve and discharge valve can change mutually, so can the three cylinders of each pump and main parts of fluid end.

Mud Pump for Sale by Kosun

5. The durable fluid end of F Serial Mud Pump improves the performance of triplex mud pump greatly. Besides, its independent design is convenient to be examined and maintained.

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