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Drilling Rig Substructure

Features of KOSUN Drilling Rig Substructure

There are three kinds of substructures: box-on-box type, double-lifting-type, screw-rising type.

1. Box-on-box type structure: foreground substructure is higher, which aims to meet the requirement of equipping standard BOP; the background is lower for the purpose of installing heavy main drawworks and transmission system.

2. Double-lifting-type structure: Drill floor and floor equipment can be installed at the low positions. The derrick rises at floor’s low position, and then drill floor and derrick are raised as a whole. Drill floor has two hydraulic cylinder left and right, which function as buffer while rising and as top driving force while falling.

Substructure for sale by Kosun

3. Screw-rising type structure: The substructure and derrick are raised to the very position as a whole for one time. The derrick, drill floor and floor equipment are installed at the low positions, which are raised by winch force.

4.The substructure accords with API Spec 4F regulations, and API association’s emblem is permissible.

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