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Trailer-mounted Rig

Features of KOSUN Trailer-mounted Rig

1. The rig consists of front and rear modules mainly during transportation. The front module includes drill floor and rotary drive while the rear module includes drawworks drive, traveling system and mast, etc.

2. Front level of substructure may be telescoping or semi trailer-mounted while the rear module is semi trailer-mounted.

3. Mast is two or three sections telescoping and can be moved with rig main module or independently.

4. AC VFD Motor Drive is used for power transmission while diesel engine compound is optional.

Trailer-Mounted Rig for Sale by Kosun

5. Good mobile feature with module design for easy moving and installation.

6. Automatic driller can be installed.

7. A separate driller console is fitted. Operations for air, electric and hydraulic, drilling data and parameters are all in the cabin. All operations by driller can be completed in the console for better working conditions and less working strength.

8. Top drive drilling system can be equipped.

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