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Truck-mounted Rig

Features of KOSUN Truck-Mounted Rig

1. Power system is fitted with engine and hydro-mechanical transmission.

2. Electric, air, and hydraulic system is centrally controlled. Key components are made by world famous companies.

3. The mast design and manufacturing comply with API specification. Finite element analysis and stress inspection test will be conducted for mast. The surface of structural pieces will be sand blasted.

4. Main drum completes with integral type Lebus groove. Main braking will be of band type or hydraulic disc brake. Auxiliary brake can be of air controlled water-cooling disc brake, air tong brake, hydro brake, electromagnetic eddy auxiliary brake. Sand drum is optional.

Truck-Mounted Rig for Sale by Kosun

5. Chassis is powered by the deck engine via transfer case. Heavy duty wide wheel distance, high strength beam, hydraulic power steering.

6. There are several optional humanization designs, including new-style cab, embedded stairs, automatic locking pin for mast, air controlled auxiliary brake and the guard for engine designed for different climatic conditions.

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