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Workover Rig

Features of KOSUN Workover Rig

1. Bulk transmission type, hydraulic and mechanical driven, the flexiblestepless speed regulation of workover device and carrier underpan is achieved; the matching of Kater Pillermoteo and Allison gear box improves the efficiency of the motor capacity safely, effectively and steadly.

2. Complete hydraulic pneumatic control system and dual CBS lightens work intensity of the labor and improves the safety of controlling.

3. Globlal struck brake and forced inner cycle cooling enhance the safety and the lifetime of brake, which is beneficial to environmental protection.

4. It is equipped with flame failure protective device and galloping protection, and meets the special requirement of oil and gas field.

Workover Rig for Sale by Kosun

5. The underpan is automatic constant driven of 10×4 capacity, and applies power steering system. The rig boasts of good throughput, cross country capacity.

6. Rotary table gear box can achive front and back motion, which is suitable for all kinds of drill-pipe button’s rotating work, reactive torque releasing device ensures the complete releasing of drill-pipe deformation during drilling.

7. It applies API design, according with HSE, and meets the requirement of international bid.

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