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Vertical Centrifuge

Application of Vertical Centrifuge

Along with the increasing environmental requirements, operating companies need all diversity of solutions so as to take solid/fluid separation technology up a new hill. KOSUN Vertical Centrifuge is a hi-speed vertical centrifuge which can perform large-scale solid/liquid separation. It has become a critical edge of operating company to meet the increasingly strict environmental requirements for onshore and offshore drilling cuttings management.


vertical centrifuge

The KOSUN Vertical Centrifuge returns and recycles large proportion SBM ( Synthetic Base Mud ) and OBM ( Oil Base Mud ) to the purification system, which in the past was regarded as waste dumped to the surroundings. KOSUN Vertical Centrifuge can lower cutting OOC than 6%, the current discharging limit in many areas of the world, however, our goal is to make it lower than 5%, and even further.

Features & Benefits of Vertical Centrifuge

1. Efficient solid/fluid separation performance, and able to minimize the drilling fluids content in cuttings as well as reduce the amount of waste to be treated.

2. Effectively separates and recovers larger-proportion drilling fluids that can be reused in the drilling solids purification system and recovers the drilling fluids lost from shale shaker and by derrick or screen block.

3. Normal wearing parts are replacable from the top of device; the belt is easily changed without having to remove any parts.

4. Interchangeable tungsten-carbide rotor blades and gear box prevent excessive erosion and minimizes the losses on main components.

Vertical Centrifuge Technical Parameters:

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