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Mud needs to be continuously purified during shield construct

A large amount of mud containing sand and rocks will be produced during the construction of slurry shield and pipe jacking. In order to protect the environment and save water resources, solid-liquid separation treatment is required for shield mud. KOSUN can provide a complete set of shield slurry separation system, the main equipment includes: shale shaker, desander, desilter, bottom drying shaker, slurry supply pump, slurry circulation tank, etc.

shield slurry separation system
Slurry shields and pipe jacking are often constructed in cities, and the user's construction site usually requires small equipment footprint and high treatment efficiency. As the mud is continuously purified through the slurry separation system during the mud-water shield construction, ultra-fine particles will continue to accumulate, which will eventually affect the shield and pipe jacking construction. Moreover, after the construction of the shield and pipe jacking is completed, the waste mud needs to be dehydrated. At this time, the high-speed large-drum slurry separator decanter centrifuge can play an important role. Through mechanical separation or mechanical and chemical flocculation and separation, the ultrafine particles in the shield mud can be effectively separated, and clean water can be discharged for recycling or meeting environmental protection discharge requirements.
KOSUN KD series Slurry Separation System is a kind of professional mud treatment equipment developed by KOSUN, which is suitable for purifying slurry in the mud-water balance shield, diaphragm wall, pile foundation and other projects in the process of circulation drilling. It is used to control the mud performance, enhance the quality and efficiency of hole making, support and ensure the safe and smooth operation of roadheading equipment, and improve the recycling of the mud. 

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