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Waste slurry and slag treatment generated during construction

In the process of shield tunnel construction, the biggest difficulty and focus is the disposal of waste slurry and slag generated during construction. Whether it can be dealt with in a timely and effective manner directly affects the economic and environmental pressure of construction. In the process of applying the shield construction technology to the construction of the urban subway tunnel project, its continuity can be effectively guaranteed by the application of the slurry treatment method of the slurry shield construction, and at the same time, it can also reduce the external discharge caused by the slurry treatment of the shield construction. It plays an important role in promoting the process of urbanization and the construction of urban subways, and exerts great social benefits.

Waste slurry and slag treatment
The working process of the slurry separation system is as follows: First, the mud is screened by the vibration of the two-layer coarse screen of the pre-screen, and the particles with a particle size of 3 mm or more are separated; then the remaining mud is screened by the primary storage pump tank Two sets of first-level cyclones and two slurry pumps are used for auxiliary feeding. The cyclone desander is used to separate the mud, and the sand nozzle at the lower end discharges the smaller sand and falls into the In the fine screen at the lower level, the primary storage tank is used to screen the remaining mud, which can be directly carried into the primary and secondary slurry storage tanks or discharged through the slurry discharge pipe, and flows into the secondary cyclone desander, which enters the slurry pump is pumped into the secondary cyclone desander group, and finally the mud flowing out of the flow port is screened by the fine sieve of the upper desilter screen. After this process, the mud at the bottom of the primary and secondary cyclones is screened After dehydration, the slag and slurry can be separated to a certain extent, and the sieved slurry is stored in the primary slurry storage tank.

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