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Basic role of fly ash in solidification of waste drilling mud

Fly ash is a typical pozzolanic material, mainly composed of impurities such as SiO2 and Al2 O3. The solidification and excitation mechanism is: SiO2, Al2 O3 and other substances in fly ash are hydrated in the waste mud and are stimulated by the alkalinity of Ca(OH)2 to generate C-S-H gel and hydrated aluminate, respectively. Calcium substances, calcium aluminate hydrate will be stimulated by sulfates to produce monosulfur calcium sulfoaluminate hydrate (AF) and other products, further improving the gelling component and hardening quality of the waste mud system.
The basic role of fly ash in solidification of drilling waste mud:
①Reactivity effect: it can be used as a cementing component of concrete, and it reacts with calcium hydroxide to produce a product similar to cement C-H-S gel, but it is a low-activity mixed material;
② Morphological effect: refers to the effect of fly ash particle morphology, thickness, surface roughness, gradation, internal and external structure and other geometric characteristics, as well as the effects of chromaticity, density and other characteristics in consolidated soil or concrete. It is mainly a physical effect;
③Micro-aggregate effect: Just like fine aggregates, the newly mixed cement paste structure will "deflocculate". The fine particles of fly ash play a filling role to "refine" the capillary voids in the slurry structure.
The curing agent system using fly ash as the raw material includes MS type curing material, fly ash composite agent curing system and fly ash and phosphogypsum curing system, in which a large amount of fly ash is added in the activator and coagulant Under the auxiliary action of, the waste mud is condensed and hardened to reach the mechanical strength required by the project.

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