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KOSUN 100 sets Mud Agitator send to shale gas operation area

Recently, KOSUN has continuously supplied 100 sets of Mud Agitator systems to PetroChina's Sichuan shale gas operation area, which are used as a complete set of on-site drilling fluid mud mixing station. The Mud Agitator is a continuous and reliable drilling mud solids control system for the drilling fluid to maintain the uniformity of the drilling fluid and suspend the solid phase particles. It is mainly used for stirring and mixing of drilling fluid to prevent the solid phase particles of drilling fluid from depositing in its tank circulation system, so that the performance of circulating drilling fluid is stable and the mixing is uniform.
The models of Mud Agitator systems sold by KOSUN in this batch are mainly MA185 and MA150 products. The function of KOSUN MA series Mud Agitator systems is to stir and mix the drilling fluid and prevent the solid phase particles of the drilling fluid from depositing in the tank circulation system. , so that the circulating drilling fluid has stable performance and uniform mixing. The equipment is composed of four parts: explosion-proof motor, reducer, frame and pulsator assembly. The motor and reducer, the reducer and the pulsator shaft are connected by rigid couplings, and the pulsator is welded by four blades. It has the advantages of compact structure, small footprint, large transmission torque, stable operation and reliable operation.
Advantages of KOSUN MA series drilling fluid Mud Agitator:
1. The MA series Mud Agitator adopts arc cylindrical worm reducer, which has reliable performance, high efficiency and compact structure.
2. The combination of reducer and explosion-proof motor for MA series Mud Agitator is easy to maintain and suitable for use in harsh field conditions.
3. The MA series Mud Agitator has high stirring intensity, wide sweeping range, and reduced starting resistance distance.
4. The MA series Mud Agitator motor is placed horizontally, which is convenient for installation, adjustment and replacement.
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