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Structural Components of Drilling Mud Shale Shaker

Structural components of Mud Shale Shaker:
It mainly includes base, frame, screen bed, logging tank, excitation beam, excitation motor, control cabinet, screen box angle adjustment device, screen mesh, fixed screen mesh device, etc.
Factors Affecting the Performance of Mud Shale Shaker:
Drilling depth, performance of drilling fluid, soil environment, comprehensive drilling environment/conditions, selection of screens, comprehensive performance of objects to be treated, etc.
Mud Shale Shaker Installation Instructions:
Usually the drilling fluid shaker is installed on the first mud tank. There will be a positioning block at the location to help users confirm the location and distance, and the top of the tank where the shale shaker bin is located will also have an opening the size of a screen bed to receive the treated clean mud. The mud tank should be placed on a flat and clean ground to minimize the impact of the external environment on the performance of the shale shaker. During transportation or transshipment, it is not advisable to install the screen on the screen box to avoid damage to the screen due to collision, which will affect the use. The transport locking device should always be in a tightly closed state. Before use after installation, the transport locking device should be removed to ensure the normal operation of the shale shaker. During the installation process, read the installation instructions and follow the corresponding constraints to complete the installation.

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