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KOSUN Construction muck treatment system used in Shenzhen Met

KOSUN Construction muck treatment system is used in the underground construction of Shenzhen Metro Line 14. The Construction muck treatment system developed and manufactured by KOSUN can realize the separation, dehydration, reduction and resource reuse of sand, fine sand and soil in the construction tailings.




The Construction muck treatment system of KOSUN is able to classify and treat materials according to the characteristics of wastes to form a complete recycling plan. Mud closed-loop circulation purification mode can realize water resource recycling. The fine sand generated from system separation can be used for underground grouting and some civil works.


The Construction muck treatment system adopts modular design, the structure is simple which can meet the requirements of transportation and rapid disassembly. Equipment accessories are anticorrosive and wear resistant, long service life, low failure rate, suitable for different bad working conditions. The Construction muck treatment system can be applied to shield mud treatment, trenchless mud treatment, construction muck treatment, shield muck treatment, double wheel milling, pipe jacking, pile foundation, rotary drilling mud treatment, etc.


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