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Drill Cuttings Management Equipment-drill cuttings dryers

KOSUN drill cuttings dryer can process the oil content in cuttings to less than 5%, and the processing capacity is 30-50 tons/hour. The drill cuttings dryer uses centrifugal force to separate the oil-based drill cuttings from the oil and water in the composite-based drill cuttings. So as to achieve the purpose of reducing harmful substances and recovering useful drilling fluid.
Drill Cuttings Management Equipment-drill cuttings dryers

As a leading China manufacturer of drill cuttings management system, KOSUN can provide customers with drill cuttings treatment equipment and drill cuttings conveying equipment such as high specific gravity mud purification centrifuges, drill cuttings dryers, and screw conveyors. The drill cuttings dryer produced by KOSUN is particularly good at processing oil-based drill cuttings and composite-based drill cuttings.

As one of KOSUN's important markets, Russian customers have been loyal customers of KOSUN drilling cuttings processing systems for many years. Since its establishment in 1992, it has provided hundreds of systems to Russian customers, and has received unanimous praise from customers. At the same time, based on different working conditions and on-site feedback, KOSUN has been committed to continuously upgrading all solids control equipment and drilling waste treatment systems.

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