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Usage and Maintenance of Drilling Fluid Solids Control Equipm

To use and maintain the drilling fluid solids control equipment, first understand the composition of the system. The drilling fluid solids control equipment is divided into five-stage purification solids control system: primary purification: shale shaker, secondary purification: vacuum deaerator, and third-stage purification: desander, four-stage purification: desilter, five-stage purification: decanter centrifuge. The drilling fluid solids control equipment also includes: jet mixing device, mud agitator, mud tank, mud gun and other equipment.

drilling fluid solids control equipment
First of all, after the drilling fluid solids control equipment arrives on site, the user will place, connect, install, and match according to the site conditions. Since this equipment is only a part of the drilling fluid purification circulation system, its main responsibility is to purify, prepare and partially store the drilling fluid. After the user connects the equipment to the mud outlet of the drilling rig, it must be equipped with a mud storage tank or mud pool to store more mud in order to provide enough drilling fluid for the drilling rig.
Thirdly, each supporting equipment adopts independent startup and shutdown without interference. Users can use any solids control equipment according to the drilling fluid conditions. Once drilling is started, the drilling fluid supply is normal, and the drilling fluid solids control equipment can work normally.

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