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Drilling fluid solids control system use and maintenance

In petroleum operation, solids control system is essential. So, how to use and maintain the solids control equipment? In drilling fluid solids control equipment, there are five levels of solid control purification system, what are these five levels of purification system? Primary purification: shake shaker; Secondary purification: vacuum degasser; Three-stage purification: desander; Four-stage purification: desilter; Level 5 purification: decanter centrifuge.

Drilling fluid solids control system
After the drilling mud solid control system arrives at the site, the user shall place, connect, install and support the system according to the site conditions. After the user has connected the equipment to the slurry outlet of the rig bracket, a mud tank or mud pool must be provided to store more mud in order to provide enough drilling fluid for the rig. Each supporting equipment uses separate start and shut down each other's interference. It should be noted that when mixing funnel is used, the feeding butterfly valve should be closed first, and the feeding butterfly valve should be turned over to stop the feeding operation after the pressure drilling fluid is normally discharged from the outlet.
When the drilling fluid shale shaker is discontinued, rinse immediately with clean water. Before starting the mud agitator, check whether there is enough smooth oil in the reducer and add it according to the rules.

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