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KOUSN Black Rhino Shale Shaker and Decanter Centrifuge

Let’s recall a scene in America half a year ago:

In the morning of May 5, 2014, the sky of Texas was as blue as usual. The workers from oil and gas drilling industry worldwide gathered in Houston Reliant Park, participating in the annual OTC grand gathering. Exhibition registration began at 8:00 am American south coast time. After information entry and registration, more than 90,000 visitors gradually entered various exhibition halls. At 8:15, the first regular bus carrying hundreds of industry experts drove up to Arena Center exhibition hall. At 8:30, the first batch of exhibitors entered the exhibition hall, stopping at the booth of “Kosun Solids Control Equipment Inc.” to witness the first appearance of Black Rhino series products in global oil equipment industry.

Visitors at 2014 America OTC Stopping at KOSUN Booth
Visitors at 2014 America OTC Stopping at KOSUN Booth

KOSUN Booth at 2014 America OTC
KOSUN Booth at 2014 America OTC

Black Rhino series products are the high-end solid control equipment launched in North America market after 10-year research and development over its accumulation for 23 years. In 2014, a well-known American test agency in solids control equipment industry and KOSUN worked together to conduct a trial on several Black Rhino VFD centrifuges, shale shakers and screw pumps for six consecutive months on two drilling rigs in Oklahoma Hama Block. The whole trial proceeded while drilling. Such equipment successfully passed the assessment of the test agency, and was recognized and praised by the first party.

Black Rhino Centrifuge in American Oklahoma Hama Block
On-site Cuttings Discharge Effect of Black Rhino Centrifuge in American Oklahoma Hama Block

Black Rhino Shale Shaker in American Oklahoma Hama Block
On-site Treatment Effect of Black Rhino Shale Shaker in American Oklahoma Hama Block

On the same day when Black Rhino equipment passed the trial, the first party signed a purchase contract, marking that Black Rhino equipment verified in American market would come into service at North American drilling site. Meanwhile, the test agency issued a test report to KOSUN for the successful trial. We will show you the contents of test report in the next volume, and reveal the trial details. Black Rhino equipment ordered by the first party is on the way to KOSUN Houston warehouse, and the other equipment has been ordered by a famous drilling company.

If we can say that North American drilling site is the great grassland, KOSUN drilling mud treatment equipment is just like strong and vigorous black rhinos, galloping on the grassland at the top of the food chain.

KOSUN is a professional of solids control job and equipment manufacturer in China, which establishment in 1992.KOSUN can supply shale shaker,vacuum degasser,mud cleaner, desilter,desander,decanter centrifuge,centrifugal pump, screw pump,mud tank,jet mud mixer, diesel tank, shear pump,mud agitator,mud gun,water tank,etc KOSUN has directly exported its products to the following regions: All-Russia Region, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan,Tajikistan, etc.; East Asia and South Asia, including Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, etc.; the Middle East and North Africa, including the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, etc.; America, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, etc.; Australia; Germany in Europe.

We will show you some close-up photos of Black Rhino equipment in the next volume. If you want to know the details of our equipment or view the contents of test report, please contact us via the following ways, E-mail: Tel: +1 713-981 6488.

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