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Solids Control System in Horizontal Directional Crossing

Horizontal directional crossing are still very young at home and even abroad. However, in recent years, thanks to the substantial development of pipeline directional crossing and large-scale construction of domestic oil & gas pipelines, crossing length and diameter have kept updating the records. Drilling mud plays an important role in directional crossing projects for its decisive impact on the projects’ effects.

Directional crossing projects demand strong drilling mud performance:

Drilling fluids, fairly important for directional crossing projects, is a mixture of water, bentonite, additives, etc. with its composition adjustable on actual requirements in the projects. Complex geology and large crossing diameter & length demand strong drilling mud performance, and, correspondently, different concoction measures to ensure successful crossing.

solid control system

1. Drilling mud should have appropriate viscosity and liquidity and good ability to carry drill cuttings. In this way, it can stay suspended at the bottom of borehole and its liquidity can easily carry cuttings back to the ground.

2. Drilling mud should be able to well protect the inner walls and better stabilize the drill hole wall, especially so for those formations of large-hole-diameter and easy-to-collapse.

3. Drilling mud should be highly lubricative so as to well smooth drag of pipelines. It is especially effective in longer crossing projects that lubrication grease can reduce friction coefficient and back dragging force of pipelines.

4. In order to satisfy the requirements in crossing projects, the fluids pressure and flow should be adjusted from formation to formation and from phase to phase.


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