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Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker

The Economy of Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker

KOSUN Balanced Elliptical Motion Shale Shaker is especially effective while drilling top-hole sections where heavy, high-volume solids usually are encountered. Under this working condition, the optimized balanced elliptical motion can effectively remove viscous solids and eliminate larger particles in drilling fluid. Meanwhile, the relatively moderate vibration strength can effectively reduce the screen consumption.

Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker

Features & Benefits of Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker

1. Uniform elliptical motion at all points on basket

2. G-forces (6.5G’s maximum)

3. Optimizes solids removal

4. Maximizes drilling-fluids recovery

5. Extends screen service life

6. Deck angle adjusting device from -1°~5°

7. Single side screens tension system to easily change the screens

8. Shaker feeder can be weir type and header box

9. Hook-strip screens can be PMD and PWP screens

Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker Technical Parameters

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