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Jet Mud Mixer

Application of Jet Mud Mixer

KOSUN Jet Mud Mixer is used to concoct the drilling fluids and to change its density and viscosity. This device can satisfy the fluid weighting & mixing of solids control system used for 1500m-9000m drilling.

Jet Mud Mixer

Features & Benefits for Jet Mud Mixer

1. Mud Mixer is a single jet mixer combined with 45 KW ( or 55 KW ) sand pump and a jet mud hopper or a double jet mixer of two pumps and two hoppers.

2. The weighting hopper can be combined with a pump or be used independently with pump connected together by manifold valve.

3. Put the drilling fluid materials ( bentonites, barite powder ) and the corresponding chemical additives ( polymer ) into circulation tank for increasing the total.

Jet Mud Mixer Technical Parameters

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