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Adopting advanced full numerical AC VFD technology, intellectual drilling control is accomplished through PLC, touch screen and integrated design of air, electric, hydraulic parts and drilling instrumentation.

1. Large power and wide frequency motors are used for complete range speed setting of drawworks, rotary table and mud pumps.

2. Drawworks is gear drive and single shaft, it is simple in structure and reliable in operation. Compound hydraulic disc brake and dynamic braking are used for braking system.

3. Automatic drilling is obtained by drawworks' main motor or an independent motor. Real time supervision and control for tripping in, tripping out and drilling operation are obtained.

4. Intellectual soft starting device, ET200 or ASI module is used for protection and supervision to MCC system.

AC VFD Rig for Sale by Kosun

5. Intellectual position control for travelling block to prevent top and low collision is provided. They can be equipped with overhead drilling equipment.

6. Protective functions to air or hydraulic loss, electric control system or motor trouble; and limit for rotary torque and pump pressure are available.

7. A separate driller’s console is fitted. Operations for air, electric and hydraulic, drilling data and parameters are all in the cabin. Logic control, supervision and maintenance during complete drilling operations are available by PLC processes. The drilling data can be stored, printed and remote transmitted. All operations by driller can be completed in the cabin for better working conditions and less working strength.

8. Top drive drilling system can be equipped.

9. Integrated skid rail can be provided to meet requirements for cluster well drilling.

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