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Top Drive Drilling

Top drive drilling equipment is a new kind of drilling equipment, in which machines, power and fluid are all integrated. It is especially suitable for cluster directed drilling, big racked highly-deviated well, horizontal well, especially deep well and ultra-deep well. With the continuous exploitation of world oil, more and more oil layers spread in hostile areas. Therefore, top drive drilling equipment is increasingly needed in such conditions as desert, swamp and mountainous areas.

Features of Top Drive Drilling

1. The real time monitoring host computer has the function of interlocking, self-diagnosis and self-protection.

2. The hydraulic system which is integrated with top drive itself makes it simple to operate and energy-saving.

Top drive for sale by Kosun

3. The turret has no locking mechanism, which can whirl and locate freely at all directions.

4. The turret is four moving sealed with decreased three vittae.

5. It employs PLC to control the main electric motor and auxiliary system precisely.

6. It has the integrated machine, power and fluids controlling system.

7. The main part hoisting system applies double loaded passage.

8. It applies inner housing-inserted structure.

9. The leaning device inclines 30° forward and recedes 55°.

10. The unlockable back-up wrench doesn’t turn with swinging rings and lift subs.

11. The remote IBOP controlling facility is secure and reliable.

12. It is single rail with single cottaring, which is easy to install.

13. It is infixed by setback unit to improve drilling speed.

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